Washroom Grimness Eradicated With Serviced Offices

Well, the Christmas and New Year holidays are over for another.   So now we have easter and the spring to work towards.  When  you have an office to upkeep, the tendency for most small employers, especially family groups, is for no one to take the matter of office and washroom hygiene and cleanliness seriously.  An as for the kitchen . . . . . . .  I’m not sure what it is in groups of colleagues, why the tea bag bin/bowl is always overflowing and the milk in the fridge doesn’t get used in the right order and dirty bottles or not quite emptied ones stack up on the drainer.  Then there’s the rest of the kitchen, very unsavory most of the time.  The washrooms can be a nightmare when you have to share . . .  having a fully serviced office inclusive of janitorial and cleaning services can make such a difference.  Almost luxurious and so excellent value for money.