Traditional Lent Cleaning – But With Professionals

You know when February has arrived.  The freezing cold weather continues unabated from January.  Valentine’s Day comes – another scrummage for the perfect card and romantic giftware for the woman or man who hasn’t already got everything . . . .   But much more importantly, Shrove Tuesday comes.

This date was very important to  us as a family.  My grandmothers fussily keeping the tradition, we were not allowed those wonderful hot greasy, lemon and sugar soaked pancakes until we had announced what we were giving up for those 42 days until Easter, starting the next day, Ash Wednesday.   During the Lent period, we would have a frenzy of spring cleaning throughout the house.  It was important that everything was spotless by Good Friday.  That’s when the Hot Cross Buns were toasted for breakfast.   Now we get a cleaner in for the big clean up.  It’s still a major event, every room has to be turned inside out.  It’s worth every penny – it’s tradition!