The Mrs Mops Becoming Messrs. Mop & Co.

When you run any kind of business and have to use an office, one of the main bugbears is the cleaning of the faciities.  Trying to engage independent cleaners, the Mrs Mops of this world, is really difficult these days.   Many of them have decided to hoin small groups and operate as a contracting syndicate.  I get lots of flyers and business cards through my door, advertising various types of service available.  My neighbour did have a lady cleaner for several months but she had problems with people not leaving the money out or not paying her via phone bank etc.  The benefits of engaging a cleaning company is that they have much more clout when it comes to negotiating deals and will ensure their good reputation is maintained with review systems online.  They will be insured and the quality of work will still be as good as your own preferred Mrs.Mop.  The days of having a cleaner to yourself is rapidly becoming something of the past.