The June Camp Heralds Thorough Spring Clean

My partner and I used to take our main 2 weeks holiday in June.  When neither of us worked in education.  We would get our camping books in the early January post, sit for an hour or four, pouring over the sites pullout, selecting any new ones added, or by looking out for changes and upgrades to any old regular stop overs.  It formed a very important part of our early life together and as the May Whitsun holiday came and went, our level of excitement doubled by the day.

Out would come all our camping equipment, there was just enough space to erect the tent, to air it and ensure no damage.  Everything was checked back into the camping trailer with military precision.   I still holiday now at that time but now whilst gone, I have my house completely cleaned and put back together by a team.  They have my key and do a tremendous job.  It is such a joy to ome back to such a perfect paradise.