Clean Bright Steps Brought Pride In Our Work

It’s almost impossible to think about the old black and white films based in London without also thinking of those cheery ladies who kept up the cleaning standards in office blocks and mansion houses.  I can remember quite a few real life Mrs Mops from various work roles I’ve had – more so in the civil service, it must be said.  The very thought of a government office building without a fleet of these bustling chatty ladies moving from office to office slowly advancing through each raft of desks, emptying the ashtrays (!) into the bins and giving the desks a going over.  One fabulous Mansion house block had 11 steps up to the ornate front door – the last thing ‘Mrs I’ did on her tour of duty was to scrub those for all her worth – every day.  The brasses gleamed amd the bannisters down between the floors were immaculate.  Gave us all such pride in our working environment and with serviced offices available today, can keep  up similar if not exactly the same standards!