Stewarding The Best Cabin Service

One of the more thrilling things about cruising around for holidays is having a steward to look after the stateroom – as cabins are now rather poshly referred to.  They do the housework and in very speedy but professional way.  The lads on a recent ship have extensive training to ensure they are fully conversant with very type of traveller situation – how to carefully not touch anything but to work around every item – getting work surfaces clean and mirrors shiny must be a nightmare when faced with case loads of stuff people take with them and then proceed to spread all around the cabin.  The bathroom was cleaned beautifully every morning.  I’m a determinedly early riser, it suited my steward as he could nip in and get to work on my cabinet,  starting his day with an easy one!  The cleaning with e-cloths and plain water seems to be taking a hold now – less chemicals guffing out to the ocean.