Safer Working Places Involve Hygiene Concerns

Now that offices are running at greater strength in numbers than they had been during the major lockdown, there is an even more need for serious cleaning.  Just looking around the town centre, all the pubs and restaurants are supposed to clean up after each customer has eaten and left.  No casual hovering at the bar – drinks must be taken at a table and brought to customers by the staff.  The rules governing any social gathering is very strictly currently to allow for staff to separate groups of more han 6 people if necessary.  All office owners and managers must make sure a work place is legally safe anyway, being clean has been an extra luxury at times!  However, now the rules are for folk to work at home as much as possible and only return to work if the work place is kept Covid19 safe – i.e. has all the proper hygiene sorted out to stop workers spreading any virus around.