Rental Including Cleaning & Services Supplied

The need for flexibility these days is stronger than ever.  We used to get up, dress, eat breakfast and then toddle off to work for 8 hours ad think nothing of how the office operated.  Who does all the organising of the cleaning rota;  who is it that cleans the washrooms, replaces the toilet rolls;  the kitchen and that coffee machine . . . .   The manager must think about these when he’s wondering how to deploy staff and funds.  It is perfectly possible to deal with all these matters in-house.  A rota can be used, but I’d put $1000 on there being trouble in week 3 when one of the chaps doesn’t pull his weight and thinks it’s a girl’s job anyway!  Getting services included with the office rent is such a grand idea.  You don’t have to worry about who or when.  It comes as part of the deal, the landlord supplies – you just pay.  Simple.