Pay Up & Get Gloriously Clean Fresh Office

The prospect of getting to the end of a working day in an office with lots of colleagues, and then having to stay behind to clean up after them is more than the average employee can possibly take on board.  Strangely though, my daughter signed on as temperorary cleaner at school when she was in upper 6th.  The school was trying to make a political point about not having enough funding to pay for the number of cleaners needed – whch was an inflated figure by my mind!  Anyway, this all blew over and normality returned.  My daughter did enough cleaning regularly to appreciate the best practices employed by some agencies and how hard cleaning work is.  And now she runs a busy little office in a big house, and so gratefully pays the service fee for the place to be cleaned and almost fumigated on a very regular basis, it being a fully serviced office!