Operation Declutter The Byeword For Easter

April is such a wonderful month.  I have a sibling born slap bang in the middle of the month.  Easter invariably lands in April, with images of fluffy little chicks, foil wrapped Easter Eggs used to be stacked somewhere cool, by my father who generously used to be buying them cheap in his lunch hour, especially if the cartons had been a bit battered.

With Easter about to make its apearance, the house will have been thoroughly stripped, hoovered,  scrubbed, buffed, and polished to within an inch of its life.  No mess or unnecessary clothes were tolerated by our stickler of a mother.  We didn’t dare fall out of line when the cleaning rota was announced, and stuck to for an hour or so!   The cookers were hand cleaned.  I use an agency now – there’s no way I can hope to make mine new looking in such a short time.