No Play Area Outside Means Longer Dog Trots

My word it can sometimes be hard work trying to look after someone else’s house and dogs.  I do this on a regular basis and most of the time I can just open the patio doors and let the beasts have the run of the garden.  Inbetween these bouts of activity I get the post vacuum out and give the place a general clean up.  I do always wipe up spills and food deposits immediately, to save anything being tramped onto the carpet in the next room.  The most recent booking deviated from my given path because of building work in the garden.  Oh my word – there was a dangerous sheer drop off the old patio and mud glorious mud everwhere else.    I’m taking the pooches up the road to the serious walk field so they can exercise and do their biz, as the garden isn’t dog friendly at the moment.   I’m still vacuuming like mad but at least the extra walking is burning off calories as well as extra exercise for my poochy pals!