New Rules For Keeping Clean & Responsible

Oh my goodness – don’t we get in a pretty nasty mess when the weather gets truly wintery!  Although that crisp white covering looks so beautiful ad clean – once it melts and thaws away, the mess that accumulates is staggering.  How does a patch of snowy front lawn suddenly turn into a thawed mud bath?  I don’t usually put down any salt or grit on my front path because of the mess.  However if  you are the manager or owner of a public access office, then these precautions have to be taken to ensure the safety of anyone walking on the grounds around your responsibility.    If someone slips on the icy path, they will sue and as we know, this is a truly gruesome world of legal infighting.   Always keeping a tidy and clean frontage is essential to ensure no one can accuse you of lacking responsibility.    Ensuring the washrooms are kept spotless and hygienically swabbed for covid protection and not allowing visits or use of coffee rooms are also required.