Mrs Mop – A Serviced Office First Choice

Ever since man first starting producing things in bulk, or running businesses in office blocks, commercial cleaners have been needed.  In the old black and white films you see civil service and big company office bosses with their cleaning lady employed in some form of tidy and scrub up.   Often they’d be seen knocking on the door and half opening it, they’d ascertain safety of interrupting this god like being inside!  Although the cleaning lady was generally the lowest paid of all employees, the boss always showed a little fondness for his ‘Mrs Mop’ or ‘the woman who does . . .’   Very often they were also the tea lady and would be seen about the offices at all hours with her trolley of steaming pots, They may have been paid appallingly but they were held in higher esteem than the pay would suggest.  No conversation could be instigated unless the boss started it but there was always a lively air in the room with the suggestion that Mrs Mop was a very cheery soul, always happy  – so long as no one dared touch her tea or cleaning trolleys or interrupted her schedule.