Mother’s Day Arrives During Annual Clean Up

Mothering Sunday comes with alarming regularity – just a few weeks after the long Christmas and New Year holiday season.  We have the terrible weather in January, snow, fog, ice, rain.  Then in February we have much the same weather but things liven up with the annual bottoming out clean up starting on Ash Wednesday.  Now March comes, usually we are still in Lent, so we are keeping up with the ultra clean house – must be perfect for Easter.  No one has ever explained to me why our family needs to go to this effort, but we do and it matters.  Mother’s Day is always the last Sunday in March.  The weeks of frenzied clearing, decluttering and cleaning up seem to make the motherly celebrations all the more satisfactory.  Rather like a universal clap on the back for being good little girls and getting down to the nitty gritty of home-making!