May Day, May Day, Cleaning Professionals Needed

I like May, it is a very sensible month.  Sensible in that we ge 2 Bank Holidays. . . .  yes, there is the early Spring BH and the late one, still sometimes known at Whitsun – after Whit Sunday, a significant Christian day.     Although staunchly non socialist, my parents didn’t moan about union practices when it resulted in the country getting this additional day, the first Monday in May.  In other countries, especially Russia and eastern europe, there used to be massive military parades shown on our tv news.  The May Day parades were to act as a show of strength in the face of all this namsy pamsy liberal thinking in the West!

To celebrate my own version of May Day, I make a point of cleaning out one part of my house really well.  I now hand these tasks over to a professional cleaning agency.  They keep my house in tip top May Day fashion!