Keeping An Eye On Critters To Stay Clean

I know that I should care a lot more about how my abode is kept clean and bug free but it’s not really a subject I think about nearly enough.  It being a detached on an estate.  I have plenty of hours to do it all myself of course, but I tend to get involved in many other things, dealing with articles and socialising.  I do keep an eye on the the most important things like washrooms and cooking areas in the kitchen and whenever my handyman asks if I want my fscias, soffits and gutters cleaned, I genreally agree .  I do worry that something dire could happen and I am left with a massive repair bill because I overlooked the critters having got past me and eating their way through the wiring.   You never know with old victorian places like our first house.  A cute little city centre inner terrace of three.   I do look into things now and again if is seems there is a possible problem now, and engage experts in the property field .