Getting The Best Vacuum Cleaner Pays Off

I struggle with cleaning sometimes.  My much used and trusted vacuum cleaner suddenly went bang with a rather impressive puff of smoke early last year after rather carelessly yanking the cable too hard too often.   As I was in a tearing hurry, I just ordered a very reasonably priced replacement.  This was not a good move.  I should have known that the cheap price would signal cheap product and so it was.  Not long after it arrived, I knocked it down the bottom half of the stairs and damage was sustained although I wasn’t aware at the time.  It turns out that the bottom casing of the vacuum cleaner got cracked and of course this has affected the actual vacuum itself, it can’t suck up as effectively now because air is creeping into the operational part.  For a really efficient job it needs a dependable make of vacuum cleaner that has variable power and a noticeable step up when you move the slider or dial from minimum to maximum.  The range of tools must be compreshensive enough to carry out every task you can imagine.  The unit must be manouvreable and easy to carry about.  It must also have a sufficiently long cable to enable operation in large areas without having to change sockets or resorting to an extension lead.