Getting The Best Out Of The Cleaning ConTract

We all agree that to be abke to come home to a sparkling clean house where everything is put in its rightful place and the the worktops asre clear; the washing up is always finished and put away, and the bathrooms are always shiny would be ab absolute minimum if we had endless pots of money and there were endless companies offering their services.  Getting a cleaning company to service offices can be quite challenging at times but ther are ways and means of finding them and retaining their services.   By being nice to the employees helps.  I know of several folk who completely forget their manners and treat the cleaner like rubbish – being able to pay for services can sometimes bring out the utter snob in folk and this comes out in their treatment of ofthers.   If you want the operative to come back and to do the best job they possibly can when they do, then treating them with respect will bring about harmonious relationship.  They appreciate it if you talk to them about what your expectations are;  if you tell them that you prefer them to clean something a certain way or not to do it another way, they will then note this and ensure they stick to your preferred method.