Getting Seniors To Accept Cleaning Help Is Needed

It’s quite difficult getting a senior to accept that they can’t manage in the house cleaning anymore.  I have dealings with a woman who is 92 next birthday and so fiercely independent that she cannot see that her house is getting very grubby and unpleasant to be in.  The dear old thing has lived there since the late 1950s and it was brand new when she and my uncle moved in.  So all was sparkling new and pristine.  My aunt likes little objects around her – several porcelain cats,  small busts of musical composers and lots of old photographs in frames jostle for space on the window sills and mantle piece.  I did get her to invite two or three cleaning contractors to pop by to quote for regular visits but they all wanted to ‘bottom out’ her house first to give their operatives a fighting chance and she wasn’t having any of that!  She was horrified when one slightly exasperated young manager, not English by birth, desribed her home as a filthy hole . . . . .  a little too frank I think.