Fully Serviced Rentals Simplify Matters

Having just enjoyed a very entertaining couple of days in London with my daughter, on a short memory down separate, but ultimately converging memory lanes, I was struck by the beauty of the architecture around us.  There were hundreds of offices all most front fascias so clean and shiny, obviously well serviced.  On looking at the London freebie papers, these offices and many of the very expensive apartments come fully serviced with all the anciliary services included in the rental figure.   This makes a bit more sense to the very high figures quoted for the monthly or quartley totals.  Trying to get separate services into some of the locations would be problematic, so any means of easing this essential matter can only be thought of as an advantage.  Having janitorial, catering, hosting and concierge services all in one helping does confine the mind to the business in hand – making the money.