Fully Serviced Office Suite – Luxury For Hire

I used to work for a scandinavian company, fully industrialised with fingers in every pie. Car, aeroplace, ship building, army tanks and the rest.  The division I worked for did not have this nice background – in fact I worked for the side involved in precision weighing.  I joined the team just as they moved out of an suberb of greater London – to a small home counties town and we rented space in various offices to start with .  Whenever the scandinavian directors came over for board meetings – always in early December, to allow their very lovely lady wives to shop at a certain huge store in Knightsbridge . . . .  we would have to hire offices to host the meetings.   We would enjoy all the benefits of a super swish environment with every modern convenience, but without having to maintain it all.  The expenses were met from the company funds and it was divine luxury.