Dishwashing For Cleaner Crocks & Saving Water

We tend to use lots of utensils and crocks when cooking these days.  The recipe books always suggest measuring out ingredients before commencing a dish and today’s writers think nothing of including 20 or so ingredients, however minute a dash.   Having weighed them all out, those dishes and cups then need thorough cleaning.  We probably waste gallons of water a day just rinsing things  out.  I know for sure that although the boiler is only 2 metres away from my kitchen sink, because of the pipework routing, the water actually goes all over the house before it reaches the holding tank and so when I need hot water for washing up or a bucket of suds for my cleaning chores, I actually have to run off 6 litres of water before it gets to a reasonably consistent hot level.    So I have a 5 litre container and run the water into that, transferring it to my watering cans for the garden.   Of course, if I was organised and clever, I’d use my dishwasher more, filling effectively, I’d  save a heck of a lot of water!