Den Of Terrifying Filth After Rental Tenant Does Flit

I had the unfortunate experience of having to visit an office in town the other day – not so unusual, but it had not been serviced as such for months – the previous tenant had done a flit and left it in the most abominable state.   There was dead food left around in the actual office, cups of half drunk tea/coffee that had now gone mouldy and yuk, stale milk and muck aplenty in the ‘kitchen’.   The owner of the block is in all sorts of problems just now, family illness taking up much of his time and so he can’t get over to see to the place as often as he should.  I suggested he engage the services of a cleaning and janitorial agency to firstly fumigate the place and then if legally able, to clear out the masses of junk left behind.  Then once cleaned up, get it done on a regular service contract.