Damp Dusting Reduces Airborne Dust Build Up

Well I must say that after having a new kitchen fitted, these last few weeks have been rather hectic and very very dusty.  I had quite a lot of surplus crockery and glassware in the old kitchen so it was an ideal time to prune stocks.  I had help from a younger relative wo displays very few sentimental vibes when such tasks are undertaken.   In this instanve it’s a very good thing.  She was able to wade through the cupboards, designating the now forlornly unloved to keep, charity, tip with the greatest of ease.  what we did not get arounmd to howeer was the clearing up afterwards.  My goodness there’s a great deal that needs scrubbing once the old cabinets are emptied and ripped from their moorings. . .  I was constantly firing up the vacuum cleaner to try and keep on top of it all before it took hold in the rest of the house.  I found whizzing around afterwards with a very lightly dampened paper dishcloth kept the furniture relatively clean.