Country House Serviced By The Old Retainers

When you work in a city or big town you don’t often have to concern yourself about how your offices get cleaned and washrooms supplied with everything you need.  If you do  your own office cleaning, it’s easy to pip out to the neares spermarket to fetch cleaning products, cloths, rubbish bags etc.  The resulting garbage gets collected on the daily rounds.   If you don’t do all this  yourself, you trust that janitorial work to a company dedicated to those operations.  When I help out regularly at a small country house that is right in the middle of nowhere, so not on the daily bin round.  The very small band of employed staff do all he jobs – rubbish disposal, window cleaning inside and all the cleaning jobs.  It’s a huge undertaking and thankfully there are local folk still working on from when their families had connections to the house over the centuries.