Comparing Luxurious Washrooms With Historical Horrors

I visited some very swish offices recently.  I was actually on a mission to collect some sports and gym equipment for a chum and the venue was a super modern show room with all the gear displayed for customers to wander around and try out.  I was invited to sit on a new rowing machine but declined – my knee replacement coming in handy there!  I was struck by the fantastic clean workin area – the staff obviously operated a clear desk policy, or there is no paperwork these days.  Maybe everything is so automated that no one has to print anything anymore.  I used the washroom and it was an absolute marvel of shiny chrome and white wares.    So unlike a property I help out as a steward.  The servant area with the original sinks is grim – dirty looking and dark.  It’s been left like that to emphasise the differing standards in lives today from the 1700s.   The serviced office life of today looked so much more inviting – no looking back thru rosy tinted specs for this one!