Clearing Lots Of Stuff & Even More Nonsense

Here’s one occasion when booking a professional cleaning agency would have been a very good ruse . . .I have recently had to clear most of the contents of my garage, and my word it is an exhausting operation.  It all started when the huge double garage door got caught by a very strong gust as I was opening it a few weeks ago and so had to call upon emergency repairs.  This led to deciding to upgrade to not just a new door, but an electrically fob operated one.  The mechanical parts will need to replace my existing, thus the need for urgent clear out of the twenty years worth of amassed goods and junk!   It is a difficult thing to decide what to dispose of in the now familiar Keep / Sell / Charity / Tip route.   Of course, I could have booked a commercial cleaning agency to assist me in this arduous task as they do not look at piles of ‘stuff’ with any emotion;  it’s simply a case of clearing and sorting from a logical point of view.  I have now found new homes for a massive workbench, small wooden cabinet, large rc aeroplane, spare exercise bike . . . . .  Gosh I didn’t know I had that much!