Cleaning Houses From Bottom Up

There are one or two things to be said for having a tiny house – it takes far less time and energy to clean it and keep it warm.  The need for housing of our homeless and itinerent families could be cut at a stroke with pre-fab housing, just like after the war.  The cleaning of a big house can be a worry to many older folk, who have always managed perfectly well on their own until old age creeps up on them.  You then need a lot of strength to vacuum throughout a house.  Lugging the machine upstairs is no mean feat either.  Of course, if you already have a stair lift then that might not be a problem. . .   Generally the best way to clean a whole house is to do one room at a time.  If there are no guests due, give the empty rooms a quick firm flick around with an anti static feather duster, followed by a vacuum over the floor.  Clean marks off furniture as  you go, pick up papers, magazines etc. and anything not beklonging on the floor – anything belonging to a family member can be popped in a carrier bag and hung on the end of the stairs for transmission upstairs in due course.  Empty rubbish into a bag you carry from room to room.     Before leaving any room, stand in the doorway and give it a good look from left to right, up and down.