Chaotic Domestic Scene Greets Cleaning Contractors

I had the rather unusual experience of having to fight my way through a rather unkempt house recently.    Their alarm kicked off at 4.30 in the morning and I’m a key holder.   Gingerly entering the property, I disabled the alam and checked the fault code – then I was amazed at the sight that greeted me.  For a minute or two I thought they had been burgled as the image was of utter chaos.  Toys, childrens’ clothes, shoes, bikes etc. simply strewn all over the floors and furniure.   I went check the family room door which apparently tripped the alarm.   Well, that was worse than the earlier sight.  It was crammed with jars, bottles, packets etc. all over every surface and you couldn’t see the sink.  then I spotted a flyer for a cleaning agent – with a start date to come in weekly for 3 hours from the following Monday.  Wooh, I wonder if they looked at their challenge before quoting –   I hope they quoted for a one off clear up before the regular sessions began!