Changes To Cleaning Regimes Allowing Visits To Commence

With the effects of national ‘stay at home’ and ‘stay local’ campaigns over this last year, many firms have arranged for employees to work from their home.  This has meant far fewer trips to the offic for many folk.  However, with the virus taking much longer to ease up, the need for regular and sustained cleaning has never been greater.  To start with, toilets and washrooms are to be sanitised much more frequently between use.  This has of impacted on care homes and eateries – the guidelines make it difficult for businesses to comply if they are to let their guests and visitors enjoy a relaxed visit!  However some businesses are taking the guideance over the top and refusing to allow use of these basic but essential facilities – thus denying essential visiting to take place.  It just needs some common sense put in place – a care home could allocate just one downstair toilet for visitors – it could be easy to leave cleaning materials in there and asj folk to do the basics before vacating.  Not rocket science . . .. .