Best Routine For Cleanest Bedroom & Ensuite

One of the best things about staying away in a hotel is the fact they employ cleanig staff.  Yeah, the day staff come in and make the bed, and clean thoroughly throughout the room.  I just love it.  Of course, I a very clean at home – I have to be because I do not employ staff, cleaning or otherwise.   My own cleaning routine is based on a professional cleaner’s one though as I used to be a weekend chambermaid in a small family run hotel.  To do as many rooms as I could in the time available, I had to be as quick and time efficient as possible.    Empty all rubbish first, the fill basin with hot water.  Clean the toilet and leave with bleach in.  Make up the bed, straightening the throw to inch precision.  Dust all surfaces, wash away any marks.  Dry all surfaces and clean the mirrors and shiny surfaces.  Replace towels to make room look super tidy.