Becoming Cleaner Savvy Is a Revelation

I used to think it would be great to have a commercial cleaning company to come in and give my home a really good once over every few months.  I’m sure other folk struggled with the same less desirable elements of housekeeping.  I found though that when I had a brand new kitchen installed earlier this summer, it cured me of my lazier habits.  As everyone does with such a huge and expensive project, I couldn’t bear any part of the kitchen to show grime of any sort and all post and magazines have been banned from the worktops.  This has been a mini miracle as far as I’m concerned and it was worth the expense just to get to this point in my life – a cleaner house altogether!  I find myself clearing up as I cook and always go to bed at night with an absolutely spotless kitchen and family room.  The joy of seeing each area uncluttered is almost overwhelming!  I have buckets with cleaning cloths and products tucked away in helpful places now.  Almost too organised!