Basics Of Fully Serviced Offices

When we think of fully managed office complexes, we tend to assume it’s a huge multi storey hub of working energy – thousands of staff haring about up the stairs, in lifts and on escalators etc.  The very thought of trying to keep a tabl on the cleaning, servicing and maintenance of such a huge building would be enough to give you the vapours.   But the phrase ‘fully services’ can mean different things to different companies.

In my experience as far as a fully service office is concerned would be the cleaning and rubbish removal is included in the rent.  I also expect the loos to have janitorial services – unless that is covered by the office cleaner.  Loo rolls, paper towels or electric machine etc. have to be included.  In the kitchen, generally the basics need to be there – kettle, mini cooker and micro wave oven;  crockery and washing up machine or the equipment to manually achieve this – all in the rent.