Agency Cleaning Within Schools Needs Diligence

One of the important aspects of being a site agent in a school or college is to be able to react quickly to messy incidents and accidents around the site.    The older and bigger studets get, the bigger the mess and complications.   Lecture and study rooms need a daily tidy and bins emptying.  Getting sticky or slippery materials off the work tops and windows too.  The washrooms and toilet blocks are one of the biggest areas for servicing.   The schools may employ a site agent but without a huge fleet of cleaning staff, they cannot get the work done adquately in the time allowed.  Engaging a cleaning agency to carry out a termly deep clean of the entire site is often the best start.  Then the daily clean is more straight forward.  The staff on those teams have to be checked for acceptability within the area of safeguarding of vulnerable groups.  It is wise to ensure your chosen agency carries out these checks on their personnel or uses a due diligence checking system and that they wear appropriate uniform or identifying kit at all times on your site.